The 7 New Rules Of Money

What do wealthy parents teach their children, that you and I never learned?

There are many things I wish I had been taught in school. You probably feel the same. We were supposed to have graduated and been fully prepared for the world.

But we weren't prepared. Not even close. A tragedy of epic proportions.

Did you learn anything about how to buy a home, do your taxes, negotiate a deal, build multiple streams of income? I didn't - you and I are probably in the same boat.

So after graduating, I went out and learned in a different way. I took things into my own hands.

I found 5 multi millionaire mentors who taught me from the ground up.

I launched my first business at age 19 - a grass fed beef company with my mentor Joel Salatin as a business partner. Tasted a tiny bit of success and got excited...

And then I did it again with a consulting business. And then again in finance. And again with nightclubs… And then again with online lead generation...

I guess I’m what you call a serial entrepreneur.

And luckily I stumbled upon the internet which opened up crazy new opportunities (and can still do the same for you in 2019).

So how can I help you? That’s the real question…

Answer: Let me share with you what I’ve learned after spending over $50 million of my own money experimenting online with everything under the sun.

Later tonight (on short notice) I will be doing a private live call (it will NOT be streaming live on my social media - only on a password protected page on my website).

You will be learning: “The New Rules Of Money: 7 Steps To Actually Creating Wealth”...

I’m going to open it up to the first 300 people who show up. It’s free to register. But I don't want it so large that I can't answer your individual questions.

My goal in 2019 is to document taking 300 people from rags to riches using these 7 new rules of money.

So register free now. First come, first serve: Click here to register>>


Who: I’ll be teaching - Tai Lopez
Where: You can watch from anywhere in the world from your computer, laptop, or phone
When: Tonight, Tuesday March 5th at exactly 7pm PST/10pm EST and will run for about one hour.
Why: Because if you don't focus on your finances things will get worse not better. But with focus and training everything changes.
How: When you click to register (and if you made it in time) you will be sent back a confirmation email with a secret link you can use to login (don’t share it please). So check your spam box for the confirmation email.
What: “New Rules Of Money: 7 Steps To Actually Creating Wealth”

Why you should have at least 3 active streams of income and the quickest way to build them

How to get capital to get started even if you don't know any investors

Which ideas worked in 2017 and 2018, but suck now

Why Jeff Bezos isn't actually the richest person in the world despite what Forbes says

How to turn each of your big, main expenses into a new income stream using ‘lifestyle arbitrage’

Why most of the old advice on make money stopped working 3 years ago

How facebook ads are changing as we speak

Why I would be very careful with e-commerce dropshipping

How to make one minor tweak to your website that can double sales

A simple way to calculate the exact amount of money you should make - this is a personal calculator I created that I’ll give you access to on the call...

There will not be a replay available so if you want to learn please show up on time.

There is no book, no college course, no seminar that will teach you the things I'm about to show you tonight.

If you click the link and it says its full, please join the waitlist for a future private live seminar.

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Spring is almost here. The time is now. Don't just dream about the good life, take micro actions everyday towards the good life.

I wish someone had pushed me as a teenager much harder and reminded me of this simple poem from Chief Tecumseh:

“So live your life that the fear of death can never enter your heart… Love your life, perfect your life, beautify all things in your life.”

Tonight will be a big night for you.

See you live later.

Stay strong,

P.S. I’m capping the live call at 300 people so I can answer your questions personally. Register for free right now. Don't procrastinate like most people do: Click Here >>