I Couldn't Sleep All Night

Last week you signed up for Sumo Pro and I was sooo happy :)

But all night there was one thing that kept racing through my mind...

Have you collected your first email using Sumo yet?

You see:

Last week you joined the Sumo family.

You made a commitment I (and all the Sumos) take very seriously.

So if you’re not getting results, I need to know about it.

Here’s what I want you to do:

Click here to login to your Sumo account.
Go to your Sumo Dashboard and take a look at how many emails you’ve collected in the last week (where my red arrow is below).

If that number says “0” I want you to reply to this email RIGHT NOW.

I’ll have someone from the Sumo family on standby to help you ASAP.

I want to see you getting value for money.

Chris “Family Looks After Family” Von Wilpert

Ps. Not happy with your Sumo results for any reason? Reply to this email. We can help you grow your email list.