Customer Retention Email Template

Hey [FristName],

I’m sending you this message since you signed up for Helpjuice recently.

I wanted to share with you something dead simple that EVERY single Helpjuice customer has used to save 1,000,000+ support emails (that’s a lot of time saved) and happier customers.

It’s pretty interesting actually. Companies like Amazon,, Microsoft, Indeed really focus on automating their support..and not too many people know about how they do it.

I WANT you to join us in the largest webinar we’re going to host (it’ll be free and limited to 50 people this time — this number is much of participants easier to handle than 200). We won’t do these things as often, so you should really jump on board and learn. It’ll only be 30-45m long (includes questions + bonus material)

You need to take action right now and click on the link to join the webinar for this Tuesday/Friday:

Not convinced to join? Mario from PetRelocation loved it so much that he wrote us a note immediately after the ‘show’:

“Emil thank you so much. It was the best webinar I’ve ever been to.. Most of the time I feel I am wasting my time but not this time. I like how you openly say how things are and not try to oversell it.” — Mario Hebert,

Join us right now. Register now and save your spot:

Look forward to seeing you there.

Your friend, Emil