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Here’s the truth about passive income:

It won’t just magically appear in your bank account overnight.

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The reality is, you too can do the same — even if you only have 10-30 minutes a day.

I don’t want to sound like a jerk — BUT...

If you consider investing 10-30 minutes into improving your life financially too much for you, then you've already set yourself up for failure.

Your mindset matters, A LOT.

The HSMC members below didn’t let being too busy hold them back.

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When it comes to what you’ll learn, you’ll have several experts teaching you their secrets.

Some of the takeaways include:

How to make money in the billion-dollar trend that Forbes calls an “economic revolution”

The M.M.A. model for earning passive income from home sharing

How to use the O.P.P. model to get featured on home sharing sites — without investing a dime of your money

How Brian Page scaled his Airbnb business to six figures in six months

How to operate in cities where Airbnb is “blacklisted” (this legal loophole allows you to dominate areas with little to zero competition)

What “Green Cities” are and why you need to maximize the amount of listings in these areas

How to automate and outsource your business, so you only end up actively working 1-4 hours a month

How to partner with realtors and leverage their resources

How to “hack” the home sharing SEO (search engine optimization) algorithm to rank your listings at the top of searches

How to use the “numbers rule” to pitch a homeowner — this is a win-win deal for you and the homeowner, so there’s zero reason for them to say no

The 3 “gold-mine” places to find ready-to-go rental properties to list on Airbnb

I’ve yet to find anyone who doesn’t have the time to earn more passive income.

If you think you’re too busy, then reconsider your priorities.

Taking time off and having fun isn’t bad.

It’s just that anything and everything requires cash flow — so why not focus on learning how to grow your income first, so you can free yourself from stress, complications, and a busy schedule for the rest of your life?

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