Appropriate person

Hi [NAME],

I am writing in hopes of finding the appropriate person who handles [DEPARTMENT I.E. MEDIA]? I also wrote to [PERSON X, PERSON Y, AND PERSON Z] in that pursuit. If it makes sense to talk, let me know how your calendar looks.

VoodooVox helps increase the revenues of Fortune 500 companies by marketing to Spanish-speakers. Each month we reach 25 million Spanish speakers with an audio message they must hear. We insert 30 second audio and SMS advertisements into phone calls made on calling cards. The benefit to users is they make their call free. The benefit for our clients is they can increase store revenue by providing text message coupons. Typical redemption is 3%. You can measure results online and with store sales. Advertisements can target specific ethnic groups and geographies. Some clients include Burger King, P&G and Chili’s.

If you are the appropriate person to speak with, what does your calendar look like? If not , who do you recommend I talk to?