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Today, I’m going to share 3 harsh truths about growing a 6-figure business. Once you understand these, you could double your revenue by the end of the year.

Note: This isn’t only for consultants. If you work with clients or customers in your business, you can double your revenue by the end of the year. My advanced students include editors, artists, psychotherapists, coaches, productivity consultants, IT experts, and much more.

In this email, I’m going to share those 3 powerful truths … and then I’ll hard-sell you on 6-Figure Consulting System for the one and only time. I rarely open this course. And I’m closing it tonight at 11:59 p.m. Pacific. So hear me out. If you still decide not to join, I respect that.

But if you'd like to get access to the actual systems I built to double my revenue (without doubling my workload), and you'd like an exclusive community to personally help you grow your business, read on…

When I was writing my book, I used to write for 2 hours every morning in a coffee shop. I got to know the owner, and one day I asked him why he didn't email his customers to grow his business.

"I know," he sighed, "there's a lot I should be doing. I just don't have time to do marketing."

He didn't have time to do marketing. Two years later, his shop closed its doors.

If you pointed this out to him — “Dude, you’re too busy to grow your business?” — he would probably laugh. “Yeah, saying that out loud, it sounds pretty ridiculous.”

But how many of us do exactly this? How many of us spend time dreaming about making 10X our income … but we actually spend most of our day answering random emails and treading water?

Ask yourself this: Two years ago, did you want to be where you are now?

Even if you're doing "pretty well," nobody ever wakes up saying, "I'm going to make a conscious decision to get stuck in the same place two years from now."

Instead, it happens day by day, little decision by little decision.

And yet, some business people live the dream. They don't bother charging 25% or even 40% more. They charge TWICE as much … sometimes TEN times as much. (For example, when a Dow Jones company hired me for a day of consulting, I charged $25,000. They paid it without batting an eye.)

Who ARE these people? What do they have that we don't? Is it an Ivy League pedigree? Is it all about WHO you know, not what you know?

I hope it's cool with you that I'm blunt about what I've learned along the way — from charging $20/hour to making $25,000 for a few hours of work. I always respected people who told it to me straight, so I won’t sugarcoat it for you.

Here we go.

TRUTH #1: "I don't have time" is a poor excuse for not growing your business
You don’t have time to grow your business and your income? What are you doing all day when you’re responding to email after email, posting on social media, and working on client work?

Let’s get real. You have the same 24 hours that top-tier business owners have. What do they do differently?

I teach the answer in the 6-Figure Consulting course.

TRUTH #2: “That might work for YOU, but not for my market” is the mantra of losers
I’ve been guilty of this myself!

When I was a 127-pound weakling in college, I used to read fitness sites and I’d say, “That might work for THEM, but I can’t get as big as those white guys.” I literally used my ethnicity as an excuse to not work out and eat right.

We all do this: We say, “That might work for THAT PERSON, but I’m different because ...”

It’s easier to create this idea that the world is sooo hard … and the world is against us … and every day, we’re struggling, too overwhelmed to just keep our heads above water.

Top Performers feel overwhelmed, too. But they do something different: They seek out material that systematically changes their mindset from “overwhelm” to “this is a challenge I can overcome.”

TRUTH #3: People fear success
This is the most pernicious of all.

We all understand being afraid of failure. But how many of us are afraid of succeeding?

Look at this email I got when I was recruiting for an Executive Assistant. This reader, Jess, wrote in to say she hadn’t applied even though she wanted to.

RAMIT: “Shame. The worst that could have happened was a no.”
JESS: “I think the worst that could happen is a yes and then total disappointment.”

Haunting. And we all do it:

Coach/consultant/biz owner: “What if I close this $20,000 deal and I don’t live up to their expectations? Then what?”
Engineer: “If this product takes off … I’ll have to support thousands of customers. Ugh, I hate dealing with users.”
All of us: “If I double my revenue, I’ll just have to spend 20 hrs/day working on this … or even worse, hire people and have a ton of overhead.”
Do you see how crazy this is? How many of us SABOTAGE ourselves by worrying about succeeding too much?

And so we lower expectations. We compare ourselves to our competitor, who’s charging $10/hour more than us ... when the real game, the real Top Performers, are charging 2X, 5X, even 10X more ... and doing work that makes an impact.

The most important question to ask: “Will what I’m doing right now get me to the future I want?”

Have you been wanting to get in total control of your time? So you wake up, see a crisp list of to-dos, and know that at exactly 6 p.m., you’ll be done with work? That you can take an hour off in the middle of the day to work out, or go to yoga, or take your kids to school?

That the high-quality clients you work with respect you, listen to you, and treat you as a trusted adviser, not a throwaway hired hand?

And most importantly, that you’re making the BEST and HIGHEST-VALUE use of your skills?

If you’d like to know how you can apply this to your life, I can help. The 6-Figure Consulting System can help you dramatically grow your business, take control of your time, and use the very systems I used to find top-tier clients and top-tier customers who gladly pay for my premium products at IWT — even when I thought they could never afford my rates.

Don’t keep waiting for the answer to fall from the sky. Don’t keep waiting for something to “happen to you.” You have to take action to make it happen — and you can do it today.

Or … you can do nothing. But be honest if you aren’t willing to try: Admit that growing your income and taking control of your time isn’t a priority. Is that true? And if it’s not, when will it be? Because without taking a concrete step forward, these results are not going to happen. (Has your revenue doubled in the last 3 months? Do you know what you’ll do tomorrow to double revenue by the end of the year?)

You can 2X your revenue in less than a year. You can get access to a supportive group of other business owners who are eager to hold you accountable, and share their very best techniques, systems, and strategies.

Or ... you can do nothing.

I insist on my students’ success. That’s why I don’t offer useless tips like “Top 10 ways to grow your Twitter account!” but instead, rigorous, tested strategies for driving Big Wins in your life — like 2X’ing, 5X’ing, or even 10X’ing your business.

And I can prove it.

Proof that my 6-Figure Consulting course works
Here are the results of just a few students — who, just like most of us, were hesitant, worried about failing, and even worried about success. The only difference? They invested in themselves because they knew they weren’t risking anything ... and they got disproportionate results like THIS:

P.S. There’s never going to be a perfect time. The last year wasn’t perfect for growing a 6-figure business. And the next year won’t be either.

But if the past is any guide, there’ll be even more business owners who’ve multiplied their businesses using this system — long before I open this course again. And you can join them.

Yes, you’ll have doubts. But you’ll be armed with the exact system to explode your business — and an elite community of business owners to help you if you get stuck.

As my parents always say, a year from now, you’re going to be a year older. What are you going to do? You’re already spending time on this. Why not give yourself every advantage and use strategies, templates, scripts, and systems that 6-, 7-, and 8-figure businesses use to dramatically grow and work with better clients, and give yourself more time to live a rich life?